First Days – Brazil 2017

We arrived safe, had a post flight nap, adjusted to the two hour difference (which really isn’t much, 2 hours ahead) and have met so many people over these last two days.

I feel so far that the greatest thing we’re recieving from this trip is going deeper in our relationships with God. Everyday is focused on Him and  it’s very refreshing. 

Monday night we went to the favela (slums) that Iris Fortaleza works in to have worship and prayer. 

It was a great two hours of just changing the atmosphere and inviting the Spirit into that place. 

The building we were in is quite amazing because it used to be a drug house and owned by some pretty influential drug dealers, but now it’s used by the missionaries to host the Spirit and those from the community during prayer/worship times. 

Right when I walked in, I could feel the light and presence of God. I hope that over the years to come we can stay in contact with those here and continue partnering with them in prayer for their influence there. 

Yesterday we had small groups with the missionaries and extended times of prayer and worship. We also fasted with the missionaries at the base for the base. 

This Friday Emily and I will be going out to the Red Light District (zona vermelha) to visit two clubs they have been going to for the last several years and do outreach on the streets afterwards. We’ll be up pretty late (11pm-3am), but they’ve already told us some amazing stories of what God’s done there already and we’re excited to partner with them as we go! 

I’m particularly excited because most of the men who come for the women there are white men (gringos) from Europe and America. So it’ll be an amazing opportunity for them to see someone like myself come in, not want anything from them, but just share a conversation or prayer. 

This week we’ll be going to some classes (art, guitar, and dance) that they have for kids in the favela and go back for some intercession as well. Thursday is also game night at the base and it’ll be great to connect deeper with those here at the base. 

We hope to have pictures, but are trying to be as respectful and honoring to the people here as much as possible. 

If you pray for us, please pray for continued good health and that God would show us new facets of who he is.

Thank you all again for your support and the prayers. We’ve been so blessed by you and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

– Caleb Foster


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