A Week Away: Updates

We cannot believe how close we are to our trip. We’ve been planning this trip for almost six months and it’s finally here. God has truly blessed us and shown us that there is more faith inside of us than we thought was there.

Now that we’re almost there, we will be posting a bit more regularly with pictures, updates on our trip, etc.

The last six months, but particularly the last two, have been filled with so much. A few months ago Emily and I began thinking that it may be smarter financially to begin investing in property for the future instead of paying rent.

Of course we thought this process would take us a while since most of our friends and family’s experience with buying a house took them at least six months. We have been extremely surprised that our search for a house lasted less than a month and a half.

When we found the house we loved, we were very hesitant because we had questions like:

“How can we do missions and settle down?”

“Won’t this limit our ability to go and serve the way we would like?”

In all honesty, we were pretty distraught over the idea. Although we wanted to buy a house, we just didn’t think the process would move so quickly and we were overwhelmed by the (seemingly) conflicting choices.

The morning before we were to view the house we were going to see for a second time, a friend of ours came up to us and gave us the most amazing prophetic word. He told us that we were at a crossroads.

That we were struggling with the choice of investing into the spiritual or investing into the physical. He said that God is blessing both options and says he’s going to provide for us no matter which we choose. Additionally, he said that we think this choice will only come to us once, but that God is setting it up for us to be able to choose again and then he would bless and provide for us as well.

This was such a comfort for us because we were worried over the potential of not being able to take strong purposeful steps into doing missions full-time with a house weighing us down.

Some people may think these thoughts are a bit dramatic, but Emily and I have wanted to give up everything we have to live overseas, serve, and share the love of God. So the idea of something holding us back from that, like a large financial commitment, seemed like it could. It was like two desires inside of us were competing and if we chose one then we couldn’t have the other.

What’s so cool is that God doesn’t think like that. He wants to bless us so much that we get it all.

In addition to all this, I’ve been looking for a new job for about a year. What I’m doing now isn’t what I went to school for and I’m not passionate about it. After a year I’ve come to a place where I’ve been willing to take anything to gain more experience so I can enter my desired sector.

Last week I received an offer to work for the Virginia Conservation Network, which is made up of over 120 environmental nonprofits and serves as a mouth-piece for the environmental community to the public and political realm. Basically, this internship will open up networking opportunities for over 120 non-profits and will allow me to get a new job…soon!

In writing all this, I’ve begun reflecting on the last six months of preparation for our trip and I’ve realized that as we’ve begun moving in faith, God has begun blessing us in multiple areas of our lives.

“It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.” – Hebrews 11:6 MSG

Thank you all for your support verbally, financially, and through prayer. Without your help we would not have accomplished the beginning steps of one of our greatest dreams.

– Caleb and Emily F.


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