Our Story

Friends and Family,

It is a dream and calling of ours to be missionaries throughout the world. We have not had the opportunity to commit full-time to this dream yet, but we believe that as we steward the small, God will give us greater. One of the most impacting words of wisdom we have ever received is that:

“God cannot steer a ship that isn’t moving” – Chip Payne

Since this is a core value of ours, we are moving forward by taking a short term missions trip. We have not yet been released full time into missions, but we are choosing to take full advantage of our current season.

On January 21st 2017 we will be leaving for a two week trip to Fortaleza, Brazil, to visit an Iris Ministry base. We will network, learn from, and minister with their long-term missionaries. A few of the areas we will be impacting are the red light district, impoverished communities, and at-risk youth.

This is our first step together into missions and we hope you will partner with us in whatever ways the Lord directs. Whether that is through encouragement, prayer, or financially.

You can contact us directly for encouragement at calebfosterd@gmail.com or if you’re interested in giving.

We know that we cannot move forward into our dreams without other’s help. So we thank you in advance for all of your support and love!

– Caleb & Emily Foster